JOVS Hair Removal is designed for sensitive skin. Easy and safe to use. Choose the most suitable treatment mode and energy level for your skin.


It all started in 2018 when our founder Jack identified a flaw in numerous IPL hair removal products on the market. Some of them caused discomfort and skin damage, while others were heavy and bulky and did not provide long-term results. Our first objective was to evaluate and respond to the demands of customers; we made a vow to challenge the status quo.
With our own team of industry specialists situated right here at JOVS, we focused 100% of our time and resources to researching, developing, clinical testing, engineering, and producing our first product, which received immediate good response from the market. Our product blends fashion sense with cutting-edge personal care technology, boasting market-leading quality and innovative functionality.

We released our first VenusPro IPL at-home hair removal gadget in 2019. VenusPro was the first gadget of its type to combine cutting-edge hair removal and skin care technologies with an elegant ergonomic design. VenusPro provided a best-in-class hair removal experience that could be done in the comfort of one’s own home. The product quickly became a best-seller in Europe, North America, Korea, and Japan. Our product was the first to receive the Red Dot Design Award, which catapulted it to the forefront of the industry.

JOVS has received eleven globally recognized safety certifications, including a Certificate of FDA Registration, making our product one of the safest hair removal devices on the market.


JOVS is a cutting-edge global personal care brand that was created with the goal of providing smart beauty gadgets for home and personal use to beauty enthusiasts of all ages across the world. Our mission is simple: to improve everyday life via great engineering, sophisticated workmanship, and a wide range of goods.


Our study is assisting in the shaping of the future by examining how improvements in science and technology may lead to significant innovations, particularly when collaborating with leading academic and industry partners from across the world.


Every day at JOVS, we strive to be better, and our clients are our first priority in all we do. We pay close attention to client demands in order to offer superior personal care products that customers want.


Because everything we do is based on a single belief, we’ve been able to make the Joy of Virgin Skin (“JOVS”) Hair Remover a milestone in the cosmetics business. That is, we are dedicated to continuous progress, innovation, and unflinching support for one another.


Jovs mission is simple: to improve everyday life via great engineering, sophisticated workmanship, and a wide range of goods.

JOVS is a cutting-edge global personal care brand that was created with the goal of providing beauty enthusiasts of all ages with domestic and personal smart beauty gadgets.
We are dedicated to giving them the smooth skin of their desires in order to boost their confidence. Diverse origins and cultures have influenced the creation of one-of-a-kind solutions that properly meet the demands of our customers. Our initial hair removal product, VenusPro, took the personal care business by storm in 2019, quickly becoming the beauty world’s favorite. It still is for many people.
The research and development department of JOVS is made up of the following individuals.
JOVS’ research and development team is made up of highly qualified and devoted researchers, engineers, and technicians who are committed to ensuring that its products are constantly on the cutting edge by producing the best quality, most complex personal care devices available.


JOVS strives to create products that exceed expectations and perform at the industry-leading level. Advances in technology have given consumers more control over their beauty routines, giving rise to an increased demand for advanced beauty tools. Therefore, we want JOVS devices to be user-friendly and efficient, and most importantly, provide users professional quality options to use in the comfort of their own home.
To push the frontiers of personal care by mixing cutting-edge technology with skin care to create smart beauty products that are both safe and simple to use at home.
To encourage and motivate men and women to look and feel their best.