What is the difference between Jovs Venus Pro and Bosidin IPL hair removal?

You may have seen on Amazon or in Bosidin’s and Jovs stores that two exactly the same IPLs are sold for very different prices. The natural question to ask then is this: What is the difference between Jovs Venus Pro and Bosidin IPL?

A simple answer to the question is that there is no difference between Jovs Venus Pro and Bosidin.


Jovs Venus Pro

Jovs is the developer and manufacturer of Jovs Venus pro and Bosidin hair removal IPL.

Bosidin vs Jovs


Bosidin is a Chinese company that sells Jov’s products under own brand and license.

Features of Jovs Venus Pro & Bosidin Hair Removal

  1. Using pure physical technology does not contain any chemical substances.
  2. Passed safety testing and FDA certification.
  3. No side effects, no harm to the skin.
  4. Through the skin surface layer to reach the root follicles of the hair, the permanent hair removal effect is gradually achieved.
  5. Adopt the innovative photothermic dynamics principle.
  6. Effectively inhibit more than 96% of the slowing down of hair growth.
  7. Persistent use can achieve permanent hair removal effect.

If you are looking for a double function device, then you have the right product. The Jovs venus pro / Bosidin device is a 2 in 1 device that means an advanced skin rejuvenation tool or a hair removal device.

The IPL is useful for pigment and vascular therapy that reduces the aging sign. In the Jovs/Bosidin device, there is a light-weight OPT light source used that penetrates the skin deeper layer to activate and stimulate collagen through this skin tone improves, and wrinkles are easily removed. And you will feel amazed when you get the result that is firmer and brighter skin.

The exquisite version has only six modes, two of which are exclusive filter heads, one is the entire filter head for the face mode, and the other is the whole filter head for the SR skin rejuvenation mode. The remaining four are hands, legs, underarms, and privacy.

It removes unwanted hair and then attach a skin restoration treatment head to erase aging’s apparent signs. The attachment of skin rejuvenation hair gives off the red light -this is an anti-aging led light that is known for promoting collagen. By naturally accelerating collagen production, the skin will become plump and softer, and there will be obvious signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed. This accessory head also helps balance your skin tone by reducing pigmentation and dark spots for a healthier complexion.

How to use Jovs Venus Pro & Bosidin hair removal device?

Most hair removal equipment on the market has only a single head type, and the output rate is stable. It means that you will not be able to remove hair from all parts of your body effectively. To make matters worse, this may cause burns, where some applications have too high output power.

Jovs & Bosidin has undergone extensive testing in different skin types; thus, it is accessible to develop six unique modes. So without any damage, you will get the skin according to your expectations.

 Step by Step guide to using Jovs and Bosidin

  1. Plug-in the power adapter, the indicator light on the machine will light up, and there will be a blowing sound. At this time, it means that the product has started typically and is ready.
  2. Press the power button, the green indicator light is on.
  3. Press the switch to adjust the gears; there are 5 gears in total. (The choice of equipment varies with people and parts. The gears gradually increase from the first gear. The higher the gear, the stronger the energy within the range that the skin can adapt.)
  4. Put the instrument’s light outlet utterly close to the skin when the green indicator light flashes on standby. (Indicating that the machine is ready).
  5. Press the laser button on the epilator handle at this time; the lamp head will emit a laser (the operation method is the same as the flash for taking a photo); repeat the above operation.

Skin Rejuvenation Mode:

If you wanted to use the SR (Skin Rejuvenation) mode, you need to remove its sensitive head and pick the SR beauty head inside the box and attach it with the device. There is changing to use this device; you need to use it merely in the same manner, just like you would use it at the time of hair removal function, by gradually using it across the skin.

In short, it is an innovative device that uses infrared light to penetrate unique layers of your skin and give the benefits of photo facial. This technique helps reduce blemishes and wrinkles so that the results would be tight and precise skin.

How to use SR skin rejuvenation mode? If you need whitening and skin rejuvenation to shrink pores, you can use it.  Adjust to the 2nd gear, install the SR skin rejuvenation accessory head, select the SR skin rejuvenation mode, aim at the skin and light up in turn.

This is what you get when buying Jovs / Bosidin IPL hair removal

The full body treatment can be completed in just 10 minutes, and most users will notice permanent hair reduction within six weeks when following the recommended treatment plan. In the first to 3 weeks, the treatment area required for treatment is 2-3 times per week. Then between the 4th and 6th week, you can reduce the treatment to 2 times a week.

 After six weeks, you only need to complete additional treatment when necessary. What will you get in Jovs venus pro / Bosidin?

  • Arm Filter Attachment 3cm²
  • Face Filter Attachment 1cm²
  • Bikini Filter Attachment 2cm²
  • Underarms Filter Attachment 3.6cm²
  • Skin Rejuvenation Attachment 3cm²
  • Leg Filter Attachment 3.6cm²

Jovs Venus Pro / Bosidin hair removal is recommended for periodic treatments

  • The first month: once every 3-5 days,
  • the second month: once every seven days,
  • the third month: once every 10-15 days,
  • The fourth month: once every 15 days