In collaboration with Stanford UNIVERSITY 


In collaboration with Stanford University’s BioADD Medical Laboratory, JOVS industry-leading technology has undergone more than five years of intensive research and development.

After years of user research and design, the core components of JOVS came together. We want to bring the benefits we worked so hard for directly to you. We improve every aspect of your experience, from design to usage, and provide the best service at the best price.

We are JOVS the modern bridge to the virgin skin.





JOVS won the design award “RED DOT” 2020

“JOVS combines a high degree of functionality with high aesthetic design quality”. The fantastic emerald color in combination with its beautiful organic design and comfortable matt metal structure makes JOVS a pleasure to hold.

JOVS Venus Pro is the first hair removal device to achieve a Red Dot Design Award from Germany with its outstanding design.


Joy Of Virgin Skin

JOVS is developed to provide professional & well-designed beauty equipment for easy and efficient use at home.


The popularity of salon and spa is increasing in United States & Canada. Technological advancements have given consumers more control over their skin. As beauty devices is becoming more and more prevalent among young women as well as men, demand for quick and higher-end devices has heightened the focus on greater design and personalization.

We want our designed devices become user-friendly and give our customer a comfort experience treating their skin at home with no down time.

The average woman spends about 72 days, or 1,728 hours, shaving her legs in her lifetime. It doesn’t include any other body parts.

JOVS offers an effective hair removal system so you can do other fun with all the time that is now left.